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Anonymous asked: can you help me roleplay a fortuneteller? one who specializes in tarot cards?

Sure! I just want to warn you from conforming to stereotypes.

First of all, I think you really need to be specific about where your fortuneteller comes from. Different strands and types of fortune telling comes from different places and cultures. Tarot cards specifically originated in Italy in 1391. It’s actually related to Catholicsm. They were associated with the Romani because people thought that Tarot cards came from Egypt and the Romani were thought to have come from Egypt. These are all false myths. Tarot cards existed in Italy and France way before the Romani settled in these respective countries. Tarot cards are a type of playing cards and playing cards inherently are related to divination. Actually, fortune telling with cards were sort of interpreted by these three writers who thought it was fun to insert symbolic meanings into the cards disregarding the history of where the cards even came from. They also wrote extensively about occultation and the relation with the Romani. But really, it’s just false. The idea that Romani are tarot card readers and fortune tellers is a horrible stereotype that should really be dispelled. So, it depends whether your character wants to portray the eccentric vagabond in order to get money or someone who really believes in what they’re doing. 

Read more about it here:

Which brings me to a second point, if I see another Romani character calling themselves Gypsy, I will throw something at you. Gypsy is a slur. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. Don’t use it. Also, please please please research Romani spiritual believes before throwing any sort of magical act for them. Playing a fortune-teller is great, seriously, so much fun! But please be respective of someone else’s culture and beliefs. Make sure that whatever you’re doing, whether it be tarot card readings or reading tea cups, you’re grounding it into something factual. 

Read more about beliefs here:

Third, as seen from above, I don’t think that a fortune-teller would ever call themselves Roma, unless they’re trying to con you out of your money. Which is totally fine, playing a con-artist is fun on its own. 

Research on these types of characters:

Fourth, if you’re playing a modern-day fortune teller, it is way easier to make her a real human being with no association to romani stereotypes, and simply make her someone who realizes the art form and is proud of it. There are academics based on the art of tarot cards, and you can make this person a scholar. 


More on Tarot Cards:

Finally, I would suggest talking to your RP partners about their future plots. For example, if a character asks your character a question you don’t know the answer of, don’t make it up, just ask! Fortune tellers are there to guide you when you need them and really offer the counselling that someone is searching for. Therefore, it’s important that you build the relationships between the characters and understand what you need to say. By doing so, you can help others further their plots and build the reputation for your character in the fictional community. Also don’t be afraid to offer your services to other people. Let them know that you have a character here who can be a non-biased ear to someone’s character and a guiding light. A fortune teller should always be someone who is open and ready to help discuss problems with their clients. Unless, they are a con-artist, then plotting with other people would be really useful there.

Hope that helps!

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myths & urban legends masterpost


i really love hearing about ghost stories, folklore and the like, and im sure there people out there who can relate, so i decided to throw together a masterpost. this collection is the result of a half hours’ worth of googling around. i apologize if there are any broken links - if you catch one, please fix it. additionally, if you know any good links that arent listed here, feel free to add them!

browse carefully - some of these are pretty creepy. lots of violence and swearing scattered around, etc.


Snopes: (warning: some popups! snopes is sometimes an unreliable source, so i suggest taking its articles with a grain of salt, but theyre still a pretty good read.)


  • 136 creepy wikipedia articles (not all urban legends, but still a really excellent masterpost!)
  • American Folklore (havent delved too deep into this website but it has a lot of content - check the links across the top in the red bar)
  • Creepypasta Index - Highest Rated (again, havent read all of these but theres some classics on here i recognize)
  • All-Lies (has some irritating ads, but theres a lot of stuff on here. take note of the sweet ’90s flames on the bottom of the page)
  • DisneyLies - (sister site to the previous link. im not sure why there are so many creepy myths surrounding disney, but these are pretty good. also has some pretty rad flames)

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okay so I’ve seen a lot of really cool things around the internet so I thought I’d compile a bunch of references and fun things into one easy post for y’all! this has been a real long time in the making but it’s finally finished uwu (◡‿◡✿)
any links on this masterpost broken? use this!
50 sci fi and fantasy works every socialist should read
a whole bunch of cv/resume templates
any lipstick colour you want for cheap
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food for broke college kids
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how to become an adult
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a whole bunch of delicious recipes
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my food and recipe tag
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recipes from your favourite fandoms
smoothie recipes for every occasion
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cute games
if ur real bored
coolio psychological games to make u think
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helpcorgi’s gender + sexuality masterpost
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roundup of the best ya novels w lgbtqia+ characters
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how to watch classic who | now here’s the masterpost!
jack davenport and idris elba fight vampires
paul mcgann fan? you will be after this
series about cool people starting a colony on another planet - if you enjoy babylon 5 and deep space nine you’ll love this
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cute masterpost full of nice stuff
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imaginedragins’ everything masterpost
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the ultimate writing resource post


okay so I’ve seen a lot of really cool things around the internet so I thought I’d compile a bunch of references and fun things into one easy post for y’all! this has been a real long time in the making but it’s finally finished uwu (◡‿◡✿)

  • any links on this masterpost broken? use this!

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Supernatural episode titles






then and now

Season 1:

  • Faith
  • Bugs
  • Asylum
  • Shadow
  • Skin
  • Salvation
  • Scarecrow

Season 7:

  • Shut Up, Dr. Phil
  • Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
  • Adventures in Babysitting
  • The Slice Girls
  • Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie
  • Party on, Garth
  • The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

they started listening to fall out boy

i don’t watch this show what is going on

well it’s actually fairly simple



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